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Skyryse predicts metro system in the sky

The startup shared an advertising video for Luna’s autonomous helicopter platforms.Unlike other companies interested in building autonomous flying cars or those that work solely through electricity, the Skyryse system works with existing helicopters – in this case, the modified Robinson R44.


According to the company, Luna is able to manage flight dynamics more accurately and quickly than a human pilot.

Though it may be pretty good reality, these platforms have a big disadvantage compared to autonomous driving platforms for cars.If something goes wrong in a car, users can control the control easily because … Well, most people know how to drive a car.If you get thousands of feet away from the ground, it happens in an awkward helicopter, things probably don’t end.

Not everyone believes that flying small cars/helicopters/large drones will be just as splendid as we believe.Elon Musk, who operates a tunnel construction company alongside running Tesla and SpaceX highlights noise pollution and safety potential hazards that fly during a drilling public information session for the company

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